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We don't do Dog Parks, We actually Walk!

Hairy LiL' Schitz

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Pet Therapy

Do you have a few people who need to smile with the help from our Fur Babies?
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Dog Walking

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Pet Sitting Service

Check our Reviews, Happy Clients & Pics on ROVER!
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Check our Reviews, Happy Clients & Pics on Wag!

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What makes our dog food the BEST EVER?!?!

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Our Dog Food FAQ’s & Tips

Additional Services we Provide:

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Our Story:

Hairy LiL' Schitz has been 36 years in the making! I originally wanted to be a "Pet Shop Doctor" since the age of 3, but I ended up taking the longest route possible to achieve this goal. From majoring in Veterinarian Medicine to breeding dogs on a very large scale (16 Pit Bulls at once!), dogs have always been a major priority in my life. We had a really successful Doggy Daycare & Boarding business, but now, we decided to see the beautiful US and hang out with awesome pets along the way. The Dog Food has been a formula we've been (accidentally) perfecting since 2006. While breeding and raising 16+ Pit Bulls at once, I needed to feed, maintain health and size, but on a budget, and with premium Ingredients. Fast forward to 2022, we realized that our Cocker Spaniel doesn't look or act a day over 4 years old. She doesn't have any health issues, has an awesome coat and continues to run, jump and get into trouble! So we decided to pass on the awesomeness! "Either Pay for the WELLNESS or Pay to treat the ILLNESS!"

Where the heck are we...

Want to see pics of our current situation and past clients, check out our social media! Instagram: Hairy_Schitz Facebook: Hairy Lil Schitz Instagram: my_bailey_jo
Our location'ish
Wesley Chapel and Surrounding Areas. (We don't mind driving)
Open hours
We are always around because pets can't tell time and situations come up!

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